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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dig Me!

Hey, I'm in the New York Times; Hey I'm in the New Yorker

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

End of a Long Winter

What a semester...seriously.

I hate sometimes that I'm occupationally forced to think in terms of semesters--makes me feel like I'm in the 37th grade or something--but alas it works. It's been a doosey. A lot of writing, an overwhelming amount of teaching, a personal life not without it's ups and downs (mostly ups) and several long, onerous articles written. But I'm happy to say the tunnel is festooned with a light at the end--at least a little.

Of course, blogging is always the first thing to go (especially since I write elsewhere) but I have made a New Year's Resolution (it is always a new year somewhere, right?) to be more vigilant. I like Felsenmusick, and hate frustrating readers.

Here's a query for you both, then: can music--not the topic of the lyrics, not the images it accompanies, but the actual pitches and rhythms that make up a score--be "dangerous"? There's a reason I'm asking--any thoughts?

Oh, and if you missed this from ages ago, please read my little Article in the New York Times about the land from whence I hail.