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Monday, November 16, 2009

Once Again, A Return

Yes, Felsenreaders, fallen of. Missed me? Given up? Wondered if there was no meaning to your life since, well, where's all the goodies on Felsenmusick? Believe me, I've missed being here, and so, with a few key clicks and a tip of the wireless mouse, I return. Some good things coming up: an opera in the bay area, a sinful concert in Brooklyn, new monodramas with a brilliant playwright, opera-ish things, piano works, a concerto all around the country, performances by not one but two of my favorite ensembles on this G-d's Green Earth, some curatorial responsibilities, a whole new slew of Cabinets of Wonders with John Wesley Harding, those songs that make you go insane because you can't kick them, program notes, liner notes, articles, blogs, tweets, status updates, you NAME it, all coming your way, all duly hawked on Felsenmusick. The Doctor is, again, in.


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