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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hate to Complain, but...

After all the hoo-hah about the Met's new direction under Peter Gelb--much of which sounds at least eyebrow-raising, and some of which is downright thrilling--the forthcoming season for the New York City Opera snuck in under my radar. Now I adore this institution, largely for their bravery in repertoire choices. However, in 2006-7, the fare is, shall we say, rather typical. Not one work by a living composer, and their most adventurous choice is Korngold's Die todt Stadt, a returning favorite. Yes, they do continue their excellent Handel exploration series with Semele, but really, no Britten, no Adamo, not even a hip Sondheim. One does wonder what made them pull so far back. Not even a Little Prince or anything remotely like it. Plenty of Carmen and Cosi and Boheme, but where is the vision?

A bit of a dissapointment, especially with their forward-thinking VOX program looking so souped-up and better-than-ever this year.


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