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Friday, February 17, 2006

Schoenberg and Beethoven

Some anonymous soul sent me a link to this well-reasoned article by Richard Dyer on the topic of Schoenberg. It is really an excellent assesment (even if you disagree) of the Viennese master's still-divisive work, hooked to a concert given by strict adherent James Levine (leading the Boston Symphony Orchestra). See what you think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you're getting the picture, kid. I let you stay in business, you give me a 10% cut of the dough you're making off all that advertising.


1:23 PM  
Blogger Hucbald said...

Methinks trying to link Charlie Parker and Schoenberg is a stretch. Coltrane perhaps, but not Parker. And Bach is simply out of the question.

I had an oportunity to hear some Webern a while back: Someone posted audio files on their blog - and it was actually quiite nice. I still don't think Schoenberg's music wil ever become standard rep, but hey, I'm wrong a lot.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Henry Holland said...

Liszt used a tone row in the first few bars of his Faust symphony, so the idea has certainly been around. I'm sure it's there in Bach, even if probably only a few bars or so in some obscure harpsichord piece.

Good article, I especially appreicate that it wasn't full of the special pleading that sometimes happens when people try to write about Schoenberg. His music--and Berg's and Webern's and other 12-toners--certainly isn't for everyone but I love a lot of it. The Five Orchestral Pieces of AS are amazing, so is Ewartung and the Gurrelieder and it's hard to imagine, but Moses und Aron really works as an opera. I saw the NYCO production in 1990 three times and people would walk out amazed that it was so dramatic. They might not have liked the music all that much but the power of it came through. Maybe it was all the naked men and women on stage for the orgy in the Golden Calf scene. :-)

10:30 PM  

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