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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Felsenmusick PSA: Cabaret Songs at the Neue Galerie

I recieved an email about an event which, though I will not attend due to financial reasons, looks totally fascinating. The more monied readers might want to consider it.
Thomas Meglioranza and pianist Thomas Sauer
Songs of Arnold Schoenberg and three pupils:
Hanns Eisler, Marc Blitzstein and John Cage;
and William Bolcom

Thursday March 2 & 9, 2006
The Café Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie
1048 Fifth Avenue at 86th Street

Performances at 9pm,
preceded by a prix-fixe dinner at 7pm.
Combined cost is $90.

(Although this is pricey, it not only includes a very fine dinner and a show, but last year the museum remained open from 6-7 for cabaret partons ONLY, which is a great opportunity to see the amazing collection of early 20th c. German and Austrian art. Call to confirm that you would like to come to the museum at 6)

Tickets: 212-288-0665

I happen not only to love this museum, but the cafe as well, so I am sure the music is destined to be interesting, the performances sublime, and the food out of this world--and far away from this century. Hell, go for the bookstore alone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the Grave of Thomas Eakins, Late Winter
Ernest Hilbert

Woodland Cemetery, Philadelphia

The first visit I failed to find it, where
Commodores and captains lie in brazen
White vaults over humble Quaker enclaves.
Five deer flashed in sun-streaked shade and paused there,
Pure as stone in faint sun flicker, frozen,
And then they dashed and leapt over worn graves.
My formal heart, numb and flawed, was struck raw
To learn life dies in art, yet such stillness
Can stir so fast it seems to disappear:
Time shown in a surgeon’s blood-shadowed saw
Or summer’s swift rowers slipping from us,
While upriver, to others, they grow nearer.
Wind rearranges sunlight through the pines,
Sowing and destroying endless designs.

10:08 AM  

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