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Friday, March 10, 2006

Best to the Box

I must commend NewMusicBox and the American Music Center for offering several things which are deeply practical and effectively (and importantly) trade-journalish. One is Paola Prestini's article about non-profit status, which is, along with Derek Bermel's piece on getting foreign performances and Todd Reynolds' take on composer-performer relations, one of the most important pieces of practical advice the Box has offered to date.

Another important offering is their newly released directory of new music ensembles, available for a small fee ($15 per year to AMC members; $30 to non-members). For those trying to cut through the morass of submissions, this will no doubt prove an invaluable resource. For those enterprising souls who actually run ensembles. this will be a divine outlet to let the bulk of American composers know you exist. Subscribe here.


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