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Monday, April 09, 2007

Again Back from the Muck, I Say

I've returned again--this log is a series of returns, maybe it's tiresome. But I've been really under it writing a few pieces, not least of which was a setting of the poem (in English, alas) "True Love" by the always-brilliant Polish poet Witstawa Szymborska at the request of my friend Tara Bray Smith for her wedding to photographer Thomas Struth, another friend. It was a beautiful wedding--and a difficult text to set, it being devoid of any metrics, and funny-quirky-strange at that--and the weekend commenced with Thomas' opening at the Marian Goodman Gallery. Now I know Thomas and was semi-familiar with his work, but the opening was shockingly beautitful, stunning, eye-opening, as encapsulated in Michael Kimmelman's generous Times review. I would write about the work, but he says it in a way I certainly cannot. Needless to say, to those in New York, go see it, as the meta-levels of these gorgeous photos need to be experienced in context to be wholly understood.

In the meantime, blogging resumes, as there will be much to talk about, not least of which is my all-but-uncontainable excitement at my anticipation of seeing Tom Stoppard's The Coast of Utopia marathon in a few weeks! I am assiduously doing my homework for the event--that and heaps of composing, grading, writing, etc.


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