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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Collector's Goodies

An old friend of mine from New England Conservatory, one Gabe Boyers, has commenced an impressive online business called Schubertiade (www.schubertiademusic.com) selling musical memorabilia. The catalogues are cabinets of curiosities: handwritten fragments from Britten, a record of Copland's piano music autographed from the composer to his friend Elliot Carter, a signed photo of Furtwangler given to Hitler, a collection of correspodence about a (sadly unrealized) American opera company which was to have G.W. Chadwick as its director, scads of Callas and Caruso items, etc. If anyone out there is seeking to purchase a gift for yr. blogger for all his months of entertaining toil here at the helm, I have a few suggestions.


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