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Monday, July 02, 2007

Burnt Satan

Today I inserted a disc of my own music--my piece All Work and No Play for piccolo and piano which Stephaine Mortomore recorded in Weill Hall a few weeks ago--and the GraceNotes query came up with a song called "Burnt Satan" by a band whose name I now forget. Does anyone on earth understsnd how this happens, how a home-brewed recording of a piccolo piece can net such a weird result?


Anonymous Michael said...

Did you burn the disc using iTunes by any chance? I once sent a CD of my own music to a recipient who wondered why the disc was called "International Windbreaking Contest."


8:58 AM  
Blogger Caleb Deupree said...

I believe that Gracenote and CDDB hash the times of the tracks on the CD to produce a match. If your CD had only one track, it would have matched against any other CDs that had only one track that had the same length as your piece. A Hafler Trio CD with only one track produced some hip-hop Mix CD name when I popped it into iTunes.

9:02 AM  

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