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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-Election Jitters

With our President Self-Designate at his lowest approval rating ever--35%, I believe the lowest approval rating a president has ever had(?)--and elections looming, I still worry. Democrats are ahead, but their lead is shrinking rapidly, sadly, making for easier-to-steal races in close places. Usually, I try to only think about this, and especially do what I can to resist blogging, lest I just become Yet Another Liberal Blogger, but the thought of two more years of anything like this malaise-y quagmire gives me howling shivers.

Thankfully, I am also listening (again) to Harmonia Mundi's new recording of three Stravinsky pieces: Les Noces, Mass and Cantata which is a thoughtful, beautifully performed release (I'll not say any more about it, so as not to spoil my Time Out review of same), but for some reason, Stravinsky's dry-yet-somehow-lush settings of anonymous poetry from the 14-1500s is making me calm more than anything else could. Who knew?


Blogger Brooklyn Kitchen said...

By calling him "self-designate" you indicate that Mr. Bush may have in some way wanted to be president. I get the feeling that it was required of him, that he was appointed by his father to assume the mantle of the presidency and then the political machinations kicked him into office. Somebody is pulling the strings behind the curtain. I've always thought that in GWB's case it looks like the suit is wearing him. He is blustery and indignant during press conferences, revealing a lack of confidence that just might be a lack of control of his life.

6:39 AM  

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