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Thursday, November 02, 2006


In searching for a synopsis of Delibes' Lakme online (don't ask), I came accross a German site which had it, and availed myself of the "translate this page" function. Hilarity ensued:

"Market place in an Indian city. A great deal people pushes itself in the multicolored Gewühl of the city; also officers with their ladies are represented; Bayaderes dance and sing. In the beggar garb Nilakantha with Lakmé moves by the quantity; revenge-addicted he hopes that the Fremdling may itself betray at the sight of its daughter, so that it can punish it. Gerald is actually recognized by Lakmés singing on the angebetete beautiful one attentively and of Nilakantha as a Missetäter. The quantity gets lost, Nilakantha with it is away-torn, and Lakmé, with Gerald alone, warns it of it the threatening danger. Too late. Already Brahmanen closed a circle at it; from Nilakanthas Dolch met, falls Gerald down, however, when the enemies in the Pagode disappeared, by Lakmés servant Hadji is taken away, which she intended for its rescue, because also she loves Gerald."

ADDITION: In pursuit of yet another "Translate This Page" (again, don't ask), I found out that, when translating from Spanish, Perry Como turns to "Perry Like."


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