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Monday, April 10, 2006

Math & Music

Old friend James Newman, a physicist, biologist, poet, music lover and all around genius, sends this site where Pi is made into music (among other things). Solfege along if you like--and I dare someeone out there to make a quartet or symphony out of these melodies. Or better--a math opera!


Blogger Frank J. Oteri said...

Back in the early 1980s as a Columbia undergrad, I composed an analog synthesizer piece called π a la Modal. It was the first microtonal piece of mine ever done before a live audience which included Richard Taruskin (then my professor) and John Zorn, whose music followed mine on this concert from the early years of the American Festival of Microtonal Music.

The piece used a just intonation radio based on π and another based on e (the rate of growth) to form a rather odd sounding triad.

For the rest of the semester, Taruskin never spoke to me in class again, and made only two rather pointed comments outside the classroom. And, as far as I can reckon, one of Zorn's sidemen took one of my cables which had mysteriously disappeared after the gig. π is dangerous stuff; beware!

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