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Friday, February 03, 2006

Felsenmusick PSA: Marc Mellits Brick at Carnegie with Orpheus

Everyone get out there to Carnegie Hall this Saturday, February 4, to hear the fantastic Marc Mellits' orchestral piece Brick played by the non-pareil Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. I've seen the score, and the piece is not only fascinating, driving, full of life, but it's also funny, as is Mr. Mellits. For those who do not know his work, its sparkly, optimistic, not-take-oneself-too-seriously minimalism. There's intricacy, there's beauty (he can really write a good tune) but mostly there's bonhomie and spirit without an ounce of turgidity.

There's a nice article in the Times about it and him and some other topics here, and you can get tickets here. Also on the program will be lesser lights like Prokofiev, Ravel and Beethoven, all worth suffering through as well.


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