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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sibelius' Eyebrows

More here on Mozart's skull (apparently it remains a mystery; Mozart, we never knew ye). In the wake of this and the recent theories put forth about Beethoven's Hair (a harrowing [pun intentional] journey of the master's follice from his death, through Nazi-occupied Europe and to the Ira F. Brilliant Center in San Jose), I am proud to announce the publication of my new book, to be called: Bach's Femur, Stravinsky's Hernia, Liszt's Nasal Cavity and Wagner's Pituitary Glad: I've Got Them All. A memoir, a bildungsroman (perhaps with the truth stretched slightly for dramatic arc) of a boy coming to terms with his chunks of famous composers. Look for it in bookstores soon.


Blogger Matt Heller said...

There is a great short story by Borges about someone who happens to come in possession of Shakespeare's memory, with disappointing results. Great artists' body parts seldom live up to our expectations of brilliance, at least in my experience. Though I'm sure Wagner's prostate would make a great conversation starter.

1:40 PM  

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