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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Congratulations to Me

Today, December 15, year of our lord 2005, marks my fifth New York-iversary. I crawled onto the island half a decade ago today.

Feel free and send me five of something to commemorate this milestone.


Blogger Ryan Scott said...

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is currently broadcasting a significant quantity of mainstream popular music on Radio One, such as Madonna, Elton John, and other Top 40 music, with the intention of attracting listeners with background music "at work, dentist offices, and retail outlets” (Kelly Ryan, host of Freestyle as quoted in "CBC Radio revamp aimed at offices", The Globe and Mail, 1 November 2005). In doing so, our only national public broadcaster is significantly reducing the Canadian cultural content on our airwaves, thereby diminishing its integral role in expressing and supporting our unique Canadian identity and failing to provide the high level of program content of which it is capable. The talents of many dedicated and world-class Canadian writers, composers, producers, and artists are being further replaced by commercial content that can be found on any number of mass audience radio stations.

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7:35 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Wow, this was hardly the reaction I'd expected. But thanks Canada, consider your petition signed!

9:08 AM  

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