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Friday, December 09, 2005

Ah Grad School, How I Miss Ye

Blogger Sophia--the name of whose very blog is an elision in the fashion of a pun ("Philosophia")--offers some excellent conservatory nerd end-of-term fun in the form of some truly geeky wordplay, dorm room hilarity that I miss. After all, I was the one who hung on his dorm door a series of hilarious chunks of score under the monniker "Orchestrational Mistakes of the Great Composers" (can anyone hear the guero in The Rite of Spring? Can any bass player do the pastoral symphony appropriately? How about the C flat Schoenberg wrote for the viola in a string quartet?).

Sophia, we too invented these sorts of things, though the only one I can really remember is the fantastic sacraficial musical I intended called The Rite of Springtime for Hitler, otherwise know as Le Masscre du Printemps. Or "LarGO to hell" or creating a long list of groceries to buy that night, a shopping list--a Chopin Liszt. But unlike the sweetness of Sophia, ours took a turn to the prurient: "Bruckner? I don't even KNOW her" and the equally lame. Oh, and how many sexually deviant derivatives of the words "score" and "piece" and "fingering" did we devise? Sorry Sophia.


Anonymous Marc Geelhoed said...

I remember a hysterical New Yorker cartoon with a conductor turning around to the audience to introduce the "Unwanted Sexual" Overture.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Sophia said...

Thanks, Danny. :)

You know, I'm not all that innocent. In my undergraduate studies, I have been known to call for "Sectional Healing" in choir rehearsals...

9:55 PM  

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