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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Enough Already!

Apparently the Year of the Mozart is off to a rocky start, with soprano Renee Fleming pulling out of a Salzburg Feastival tribute concert in a cloud of mystery. But does the Times have to devote three articles to it? I actually logged on to find a review of last night's searching, thoughtful Sequitur Concert at Merkin Hall and lo! There, again, is the Salzburg-Fleming conundrum re-reported (Muti, apparenly had nothing to do with it). Led me to wonder: did I wake up in Austria? Is this not the New York Times?

Just a thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, give us some more info on that EVERSERADIO thing.

And isn't it Mozart's 300th anniversary?

- Mr. Loaf

10:53 AM  

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