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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Compare this article from the supposedly biased Village Voice to this one in the supposed Paper of Record, one admittedly liberal, the other supposedly Fair and Balanced. The Voice has offered the most clear birds-eye view of this complicated shutdown, a tough struggle between the labor who make the city go and the city that needs to do the going; the Times, knowing their readership, has painted this difficult struggle as a traffic inconvenience.

I am thinking of the last huge piece of public protest in recent memory, the anti-war rallies of February, 2002, before we'd officially decided to root out those thousands of WMDs poised to shatter the United States. Half a million pepople poured into the streets of New York--and three million total joined in worldwide, making it the largest protest in history. The Times, that bastion of truth and accuracy and Judith Miller, reported it as a traffic inconvenience.

So much for liberal media.

ADDED: This just in, the Times waxes poetic.


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