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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Darkening Sky of the First Night

So yes, I have caved to my own pressure and joined the blogsphere, the new century's route to stardom. According to the Harpers Index (cannot remember when) there is a new blog created every second here in America. So here is my second. Ready. NOW.

As a musician, composer, sometimes critic, I will comment mostly on these matters. But hell, this is the blogsphere, so read on to find out much more--what I think, am reading, listening to, etc. Why not?

Forgive my pace at getting techno things in place--like inserting links or whatnot--because I am slow to learn, begrudging, impatient, busy, etc. Soon I will figure it out.

Lets see, to begin: I am not listening to much at the moment, being bereft of a stereo due to some housecleaning. But I have to say that last week I listened to a recording of Tobias Picker's amazing piano concerto Keys to the City and could not stop. His opera An American Tragedy will premiere at the Met this December (I am the proud author of the program notes for same), and so I've been deeply invested in his music most of this past few months. Worth hearing, multiple times. I am also an enthusiast for most of his work, but find both of his operas - Emmeline and Therese Raquin - to be totally effective. The new one is great too!

Apart from that, I am now in the middle of a re-tour through all the books authored by Don Delillo, who I think outlines not only the vast conspiracies and plastic mechanations within the sad postmodern landscape in America, but also nails on so many levels the searching sadness a lot of us feel. To write about Delillo on a blog seems deeply appropriate, as a blog--a technological wonder which both brings people together and isolates them at the same time--could be a shadow character in one of his lucid, lurid novels. In the past month, I've already read Americana, Underworld, Libra and Mao II.

Alright, I seem to be off and running. Anyone reading, I'd love your comments any time. I look forward to your kind welcoming of yr, blogger to cyberspace, where there are no word limits.


Blogger questalingua said...

Welcome to White Noise, as the brightening sky of the second day approaches and what else to do at 4 a.m. when anxieties wake one, then read Felsenmusick.

1:08 AM  
Anonymous PaulHood said...

Yeah, but are you going to read the plays too? And are you going to read the separate publication of PAFKO AT THE WELL even tho you're already going to reread UNDERWORLD?

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, music, art, higher things, whatever. When do I hear congrats from you re wedding? Girlfriend has a DIAMOND.

5:51 AM  

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